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A day with Tim Brown October 23, 2008

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I traveled to Pella yesterday with my friend Gary to attend a one day workshop put on by the Vermeer Charitable Foundation (here). The day was led by Tim Brown (here) who is the president of Western Theological Seminary.

Tim is one of the most captivating pastors I’ve ever met. His primary gift is his ability to memorize vasts amount of information. Our day started with him having us follow him on a walk, taking a seat, and then having him spout out the entire Sermon on the Mount from memory. Add to that a unique personal story every ten minutes, some historical and contextualizing of texts, and the unpacking of different ideas and you have yourself a very uplifting day.

The biggest take home for me was the second session. It may have had to do with him referencing me by name over 30 times with statements like, “this information is only for Marty, but we’ll let the rest of you listen in” or “I’m so excited to share this with you Marty.” I could say it was odd, built my ego, or an array of other things, but what no one else knew was that at every moment of that talk, he was confirming something that God has been revealing to me over the past month. The applications that he shared during this session out of Luke 10 (from memory – I don’t think I can convey to you enough how much he quoted from memory) were:

  • Pray silently
  • Pray persistantly
  • Pray the book

On first glance they may appear to be no brainer things, but for me there is far more depth to what is behind each of these and how the Lord has been prompting me in each of these areas lately.

If you ever have the chance to see Tim Brown be sure to make every effort to go. You may hear a story about his time in Iran when he met some believers, or his praying Psalm 23 after a friend lost a child, or how a poem was written about an experience he had the night before he had it.


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