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What I’m Watching October 25, 2008

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I am a huge fan of the Revolutionary War. I try and read at least one biography of one person from that time period each year. My favorite thus far is the one written by Williard Randall on Benedict Arnold. However, I have not read what is probably the most well know biography of recent years. That being David McCullough’s John Adams. I borrowed it from my brother but just haven’t picked it up yet. Curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I decided to rent the HBO 7-part DVD series based on the book. I have quickly put together that it is only following the life of Adams during the Revolutionary War which is outstanding for me. I was blown away (and my wife was horrified) at the highly visual account of a person being tar and feathered and various people with small pox. I believe these pictures are helpful and necessary though. The bring the story to life and it awakens a deeper compassion for humanity in me when I see these atrocities. If anyone has any other Revolutionary film recommendations I would love to hear them.


One Response to “What I’m Watching”

  1. martyschmidt Says:

    We have moved on to the vice-presidency.

    This movie is helping me remember that I have never been a fan of John Adams.

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