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TWITTER May Be Coming Soon October 29, 2008

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I have been observing Twitter as an option for quite sometime. I have heard all of the positive angles on how it helps people connect and stay updated on people’s lives.

Yet, with all of that my main struggle is how it can come off narcissistic. Do I think I have such value that people really want to read this stuff about me. Further, I believe there could be some boundary issues. Is it really helpful for a bunch of people to know all of the updates. (I know, don’t put up stuff you don’t want people to know but it’s still a boundary issue). Finally there is the time factor. Is it really worth the time to put up information that really may not be profitable.

THEN…I read a post by Batterson and I quickly have changed my tune. He says, “I think twitter technology has huge prayer potential.” This could be reason enough to give it a try for me. Don’t be looking for it to come in the next week or so because I’d need a new phone to make it happen but also don’t be surprised if it shows up come 2009.


3 Responses to “TWITTER May Be Coming Soon”

  1. Batterson’s blog??? I thought it was MYYYYY blog that gave you the impetus to consider it! 😦

    j/k….I appreciate your narcissistic worries. It was the same reason I didn’t Twitter until this past summer. But it’s actually been a help for me in ways other than micro blogging.

  2. Chris Says:

    Time for a crackberry?

  3. Lon Says:

    come on in bud, the water’s warm…

    agree with you on the boundaries… time, well you can only write a sentence max, might be easier than posting sometimes…

    and narcissistic… truth is i doubt most people catch everything you’re jotting in anyways… but those who do.. at those random moments… you never know what possibilities might come of it!

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