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Me Myself & I Am Review November 4, 2008

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The book Me, Myself & I AM is truly a unique book that landed in two categories. Those categories being “I don’t get it” and “pure genius.” Authors Matthew Peters and Elisa Stanford offer up a one-of-a-kind book where you actually become the author of the content. Each page is filled with questions under various headings and subject matters that you the reader write out a response to. Some questions ask for straight-forward information such as what are you wearing right now. Others are “circle the answer that most resonates to you” such as “Every person is responsible to save himself or herself – yes/no/not sure. Still other questions are far more stretching and require a longer responses such as “On a cross-country flight, I discover I’m seated next to a famous atheist. He asks me to explain to him why I am a Christian and what it feels like day to day. Here is what I say.” And finally, there are a bunch of questions that don’t fit into any of the above categories.


I must admit I was quite surprised and a little disappointed upon first opening Me, Myself & I AM  to not find a normal chapter book. The catchy title that references the Old Testament name of God “I am” was intriguing to me, and I was curious where the authors would go with this, but I would soon find out that I was the author and no such insight would be coming way via the authors. After completing the book, I do find that the title is proper. This book is first about “me” then it is about “myself” and finally what I think about “I am.”


After a couple of days of staring at it though, my curiosity got the best of me, and I charged forward and worked my way through the book. I quickly found myself quite amused and often smiling as I reflected about a past experience that was prompted by a question. I also liked the wide variety of topics that were explored in the book and appreciated the authors’ careful discipline to not ostracize any particular group of potential readers/writers.


I would most highly recommend this book to any college student or recent college student as well anyone who is a small group leader. I believe many college students want to be asked about themselves and this book leads the reader on a journey of trying to understand who they are and what they believe. Further, if you are a leader of a small group this book is an absolute gold mine for conversation starters. You could flip open to any page and take a few questions, throw them to your group, and find people talking for hours about issues of substance.


In closing, here are a few of my favorite or most amusing questions, “My favorite Bible character sends me e-mails as a way of passing on his or her life experience to me personally. Today the message was:” – “My greatest practical contribution to the church has been:” – “The member of my extended family who would make the best…military chaplain, megachurch pastor, monk or nun, martyr, and stand up comic for Jesus.”

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