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Vacation & the ER November 6, 2008

Filed under: Family — martyschmidt @ 1:36 pm

Just a quick post about our vacation this week. We were suppose to be away through Friday but ended up coming home last night due to Lydia and I not feeling the greatest. Late in the evening last night I decided three weeks of on and off again of this junk was enough and went to the ER. Sure enough they cranked enough meds into me to be sure that I’m knocked out for a couple days. Not quite the rest I was looking for but I’ll take it. Sunday sure could be interesting!


6 Responses to “Vacation & the ER”

  1. Kim Brenizer Says:

    Praying rest, recovery and restoration for you & Lydia, Marty. Stay down and get better!

  2. SMURF Says:

    You just rest ……Smurf

  3. Sara Says:

    Hope you feel better soon! Let me know if there is anything I can do!!! Rest… rest… rest!!!

  4. Jon Says:

    I didnt vote for a post about you being sick. Let’s pick it up Marty.

  5. Scott Says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. If there is anything you need, give me a call. Take time to rest both your body and your mind.

  6. martyschmidt Says:

    Thanks everyone – A healthy amount of drugs is getting me back in order. Pray for the rest of the family as they are now doing worse then I am.

    Jon – You crack me up!

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