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Out in the Sticks November 11, 2008

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 11:03 pm

We made it out to Ohio! I’m a conference junkie and not proud of it. I’ve shared it before but conferences are my version of an old testament festival. I think we all need to take trips away from our context and center in on God, receive, get refreshed, and then jump back in. This is especially true for pastors who spend so much energy pouring themselves out but rarely have others poor teaching into them. I have to admit I showed up absolutely exhausted and wasn’t sure how this was going to work but God is really messing with me in some good ways. My only regret about conferences is that my wife never gets to come. I’m making it a goal that Jenny comes to a conference with me next year! The only downer on the trip so far is Matt got the flu and we had to leave him at the hotel. They didn’t have any extra rooms so we went across the street to the super noisy 8.

Sticks notes coming later.


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