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Sticks Recap November 12, 2008

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The last two days have been like drinking water from a fire-hose.

Day One Highlights
 – Mark Batterson came out with some thoughts on a philosophy of ministry taken from Matthew 10:5-16. It could be summed up as what are your Trojan Horses, purple cows, and broken windows.
– Charles Hill talked about a subtle shift in a leader can have a substantial impact. This was a deeply personal one for me.
– Q&A with Senior Pastors was my first introduction to Shannon O’Dell and Dwight Mason. The Dudes ROCK!

Day Two Highlights

– Tim Stevens gave 5 practical elements to growth. The one that we need to get better at is make it easy for people to serve.
– O’Dell walked through six difficult decisions that lead pastors of small/medium size towns need to make. This was in your face intense!
– Mason followed it up with more crazy insight. His breakdown of character issues was really helpful.

Tons of thoughts to process.


One Response to “Sticks Recap”

  1. Marty,

    Sounds great! I don’t get to go to too many of these so do post your outlines. I’d like to read your takeaways from this.

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