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Friday Twitter November 14, 2008

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 4:41 pm

Had some hilarious conversations about Twitter this week. Today is one of those days I would have used it a lot.

BridgeView Center blessed us again and is letting us set up early and have practice tomorrow night.

Had lunch (neither of us ate) with Levi

Picked up a bunch of boxes for the sleepout

It’s raining and it’s going to snow later tonight – perfect sleep out weather

I got the bulletins and connector cards printed this week thanks to Shaughn

Some of the band is going to spend the night at our house – Toby will be requesting some lessons

Toby and Jenny are going to Winnie the Pooh Live tonight at the BridgeView Center

A friend and I have been talking about Hebrews 12:2 via e-mail

Looking for someone to type up a bunch of names in excel and e-mail them to Kate

Ernie just called and wanted to know why I wasn’t at the sleep out yet – BECAUSEITS COLD! just kidding

Toby found some “scoop” trucks that go with Thomas the Train and thinks they are awesome!

Lydia keeps bumping her head

Toby wore big boy underwear all morning – 3 accidents – 1 meltdown – 1 sticker on his sticker chart

Still waiting on UPS for all of our books for the resource table

I’m disappointed we don’t have a cool handout for our membership class tomorrow


Yeah – Twitter needs to come soon.


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