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And all the people said… November 17, 2008

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I just sent out our second survey ever at thebridge. The first one we did went out to 20 people and we got 3 responses. Not the healthiest of percentages. This time around I chose to go with survey monkey and was really impressed with the simplicity and usability of the site. You can create a free survey with 10 questions or pay $20 for an unlimited survey for a month. I am really curious as to what the response will be. We sent it out 60 different people and my hope is to get a response back from half.

Why are we doing the survey?

First, it is a window into how God is using thebridge.
Second, it is a way to stay informed on maybe what things matter to those attending.
Third, it allows us to get feedback on various things we have been thinking about and a couple questions even allow people to indicate as to how they would like to get involved.
Fourth, it is an easy way for people to communicate concerns or joys
Fifth, it is a way for us to communicate in general – something we have been trying to get better at

You can view our survey <a href=””>Click

But please only take it if you are a regular attendee of thebridge.


5 Responses to “And all the people said…”

  1. Jenn Rogers Says:

    Took it! I am a huge fan of the web-based survey. I am much more likely to complete this kind than a paper one, or should I say, I’m more likely to return this kind. I always complete paper ones, lose the paper or forget to give it to the person who needs it. Great online survey!

  2. Bryan Sissel Says:

    i agree with jenn if i had to put it in an envelope and mail it forget it but this was easy

  3. martyschmidt Says:

    It has been an awesome response thus far with 18 people already responding. The insight, sharing, and thoughts have been very encouraging. It also conveys we have a lot of work to do which is exciting for me.

  4. SMURF Says:

    THERE’S A SURVEY ?????

  5. martyschmidt Says:

    We just got our 30th survey back!

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