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The Best Ideas November 25, 2008

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 9:38 am

It happened again. I’m lying in bed with my mind going a hundred different places and then BOOM an idea comes that gets me all fired up! I’m so excited. I turn to tell Jenny but she is already asleep. I’m bursting with excitement. I can’t sleep – I can’t sleep – I can’t sleep – I’m sleeping.


Now that idea I had – the idea?! – Oh no – OH NO! I forgot it – Another IDEA squandered.

How come the best ideas are lost in my head?


side note – I can hear some of you now – put a note pad by your bed.


5 Responses to “The Best Ideas”

  1. Kellee Says:

    I had that same thing a couple days ago. I forced myself to get up and write it all down on a notepad. It’s maybe the third time ever that I’ve done that. I think the best ideas often come in the space between awake and asleep.

  2. martyschmidt Says:


    The idea came back to me just a little bit ago. And guess what I was doing when I remembered? I was putting Toby down for a nap and I started to drift to sleep.

    BOOM – The idea lands again.

    So what is the idea?

    It has to do with 1000 high fives – it’s going to be awesome!

  3. Jon Says:

    That’s amazing…..and I am talking about the fact that Toby went down for a nap, not that you remembered your thought.

  4. Bryan Sissel Says:

    My best ideas come to when I’m driving. I’m not sure whay but they always have

  5. SMURF Says:

    Marty,my own personal brain problem is just getting ALL those little voices in my head to sing the SAME song at the SAME time

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