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Thoughts on the Turkey Day November 26, 2008

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I think today is a very important day in preparation for Thanksgiving. My up bringing was such that Mom & Dad put a lot of time into thinking through everything for Thanksgiving so as to make the day awesome. Then on Thanksgiving day we ate, we celebrated with family, we watched football, we would play the annual “Turkey Bowl” football game between the cousins, and look at all of the adds for the eventual shoping that would take place the next day. Friday would begin around 5:00am (yes we are one of those) and shop until we drop. Out of that context I would like to suggest a couple of things.

Today (Wednesday) should be Thinksgiving Day – We should be thinking about what we are thankful for today. We should already be in a posture of looking back and recognizing all the ways God has been at work. I have some friends who recently invited us over to their home for just such an occasion.

Tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day) should be just that – A day where we are expressing the thanks.

Friday (Black Friday – they hope) should be Thunksgiving – A day where we remember what we were and probably still are thankful for. Friday for me was always the rat race at the mall and it quickly diminished the Thursday event.

Not sure if those thoughts make any sense or do anything for you but at least it is something for my brother in law to chew on while he waits to get out of work.


2 Responses to “Thoughts on the Turkey Day”

  1. Jon Says:

    Nice work Marty. You made me LOL…..I am counting down the minutes here.

    We should be at your parent’s house by around 9 tonight. We can sleep in our van. It makes no difference to us*.

    *me, I cant speak for Jawni or Isaiah

  2. SMURF Says:

    Why can’t you take a turkey to church?
    Because they use such FOWL language

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