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Thanksgiving Week & Family Recap December 2, 2008

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We celebrated Thanksgiving with my folks in Minnesota. The trip up was a bit crazy. Lydia took a 45 minute nap and Toby didn’t take one. We were planning on that being 2 hours of our trip. Below are a few pictures from November.

Toby has been delighting us with some new quotes.

Recently he informed Jenny that, “My brother Jesus taught me how to spit.” We have no idea where this came from but I believe it is quite biblical. After all Jesus did say these are my brothers and sisters and he also has been recorded as one who to hock a loogie.

He is quite repetative with the question “why.” A recent conversation I had with him was –
Marty – There’s a bus!
Toby – Isaiah likes buses.
Marty – Yep
Toby – Why does Isaiah like buses?
Marty – I don’t know – I guess it’s sort of like you like scoops (his word for bulldozers)
Toby – Why do I like scoops?
Marty – I don’t know, why do you like scoops?
Toby – Why not!
Marty – Very good point

Lydia is expanding her vocabulary. She loves getting in a yelling match with Toby with the word “NO” She also enjoys emphasizing the “oh” sound in Dad-o.

A few nights ago we made the switch of Toby being in Lydia’s room and Lydia in Toby’s room. This in preparation for the baby. Toby woke up for his nap yesterday and Lydia loves going to see him. So she raced up the stairs and darted into what is now her room and was quite confused to not find him.

What I love most right now is her hugs. Lydia loves to give hugs!

Ok here are some pics.



One Response to “Thanksgiving Week & Family Recap”

  1. Kate Says:

    Love the video of Toby digging… the man’s got some skillz.

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