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The Line Between Wisdom & Generosity December 3, 2008

Filed under: Leadership — martyschmidt @ 7:30 pm

This happens about once a month. I am working on a few projects to help some people out. Eventually the one project leaks into something else which snowballs into something else. Wisdom is screaming to cut it off and say enough is enough but generosity is talking back saying that is just being selfish stay and help. So there I am stuck between wisdom and generosity. The key word is stuck. Not really feeling all that generous but rather anoid and also not feeling all that wise because the day is slipping away quickly.

I watch Jenny battle this often as well. There are cookies to make, bathrooms to clean, clothes to wash, lunch to make and all the while the kids just want mom to play.

Ever been there?


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  1. Jenn Rogers Says:


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