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Winter HARSH & BEAUTIFUL December 6, 2008

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Winter is often referenced with harsh and bitter. Those seem to be the realities that have crossed my path in the past 24 hours.

I repeatidly had to tell two women to quick going by each other because all they would do is yell at each other and start crying. Usually neither one was talking about the same situation.

I helped find a place for a woman to spend the night because it was unsafe for her to stay where she was.

I gave away two coats.

I saw children eating at the soup kitchen.

I saw a women who had some disabilites walk out of the dollar general. She dropped her bag and it carried it into the street. I tried to stop a truck that was about to drive over it but he just thought I was waving and he crushed the package. I got out of the van only to find the women’s glasses were in the bag.

I saw a mom walking with her baby in sub 30 degree tempetures. No blanket and no hat on the baby.


Winter also has a beauty to it. The white blanket and pure fall of snow. This also has been a part of my reality in the past 24 hours.

It has been a huge joy listening to Toby request me to read the Bible so we can open the Advent Calendar. Sure there is a bit of a selfish motive in it but he knows that we are reading about Jesus.

My princess just keeps repeating, “DADDY!” As she walks around the house.

My bride and I have been teaming up on some projects and there is no greater then working with your best friend.

I have been able to read a lot this week and a known reality has recently been refreshed in my life. I AM LOVED


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