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Early to Bed – Late to Rise December 8, 2008

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Yesterday was awesome! Tons of people again.

Worship was awesome. I’m loving the song “Who You Are” by Desperation Band.

Ending with Better is One Day was perfect. Kellee and I didn’t get a chance to talk until late Saturday and when he told me we were ending with that I was pumped.

Julie, Karen, Jake, and Val (and Diana) came down from Pellato help with BridgeKidz. What a gift that was to our volunteers. I can’t believe Jake lost his Fantasy Football game. He’s clearly the second best team in our league right behind me. 🙂

We had people serving off the hook yesterday morning. The church was hopping with people doing whatever it takes. Hanging signs, vacuuming the place, wrapping presents, and all sorts of things.

Advent Conspiracy was a series that I was late in working on. I’m grateful for their site that has great resources. We were able to make our own posters, bulletin, and handouts because of them.

Yesterday was my 17th straight Sunday of teaching. I’d like to believe that I was sharing with same energy and passion thoughout the entire time but a week off will be healthy for me and enjoyable for everyone else. Yesterday afternoon it dawned on me that I get a week off and I sort of shut down. It was like my body had permission to rest. I decided to pass on the Rising last night and I ended up falling asleep before 9:00 and didn’t wake up until 8:00.

I just got off the phone with my brother and he asked if I have had much coffee. The answer was yes but I feel really refreshed! WATCH OUT OTTUMWA!


3 Responses to “Early to Bed – Late to Rise”

  1. Jake Says:

    No playoff experience really came back to bite me. Your team vs. my team in the second round would have been a show down…but you would have won. As long as Westbrook puts up 30 pts a game, you will continue to win…

  2. Sara Says:

    I missed watching others serve in love!! Makes it hard to miss a sunday, but know that I will get to continue to watch and learn as we all strive to share joy and hope in the weeks to come.

  3. Barry & Jacki Says:

    We always come away from thebridge feeling pumped…like we can do anything! God is using you in a MIGHTY way! It is so fantastic to be part of thebridge!!!!

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