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Joshua Thoughts December 8, 2008

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joshua1Joshua by James Boice was an encouraging read. This is my fourth commentary that I have read by him. In Joshua he referenced Francis Schaeffer often who had previously written about Joshua as a bridge book. You know I love anything that relates to a bridge. The following are a few excerpts and thoughts that made an impact on me.

“Joshua knew Moses, the writer of the Pentateuch, personally. Joshua knew his strengths and weaknesses as a man; he knew that Moses was a sinner, that Moses made mistakes, that Moses was just a man. Nonetheless, immediately after Moses’s death Joshua accepted the Pentateuch as more than the writing of Moses. He accepted it as the writing of God. Two or three hundred years were not required for the book to become sacred.”

In reference to the command of being silent while marching around Jericho.

“Silence! the hardest of all commandments. That our voice should not be heard; that no word should proceed from our mouth; that we should utter our complaints to God alone – all this is foreign to our habits and taste.”

There was some fascinating insight into where the blessings and curses should be read from and where the alters were to be and how it related to Mt. Gerisim and Mt. Ebal. To much to go into depth here but really mind blowing for me.

Just as mind blowing for me was the history of the Gibeonites. Their story is a sermon series all to its own.

As has been the custom from Boice the only thing that I find offensive in his writing is his inability to accept the super natural for the here and now and at one point in this commentary for accepting it in scripture. Good stuff none the less.


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