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The Greatest Words Ever Spoken Blog Tour Review December 12, 2008

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greatest-words-ever-spokenThe Greatest Words Ever Spoken is truly an amazing book. Author Steven Scott systematically organized every word spoken by Jesus into more then 2o0 topics under 9 general headings. What is unique about this is the removal of those words that don’t pertain to the specific topic. It is streamlined for the reader to sink into what Jesus actually said about one specific topic at a time. So when you want to hear what Jesus said about Anxiety, Worry, and Fear you read 25 different scripture chunks directly related to that topic. If you want to see what Jesus said about Jealousy there is one scripture chunk on that. Scott only selected actual words recorded as being said by Jesus. This means he only used the words of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, and Revelation or put another way all those words that are red in your Bible.

As a pastor this book is a valuable resource to me in that I can clearly see everything Jesus said about a given topic or situation in one place. I’m sure some would say there is a potential downfall in this in that you could be taking Jesus out of context but I believe what Scott has done is enhanced the context. He has made it broader not narrower. He has made it more robust.

As a reader this book is not your typical cover to cover read. In fact I’m still working my way through it in that fashion. But choosing to invest in a category at a time for a season is quite healthy. Allowing oneself to sit in Jesus words on a given area of life I’m currently dealing with is highly valuable.

I would happily recommend this book to others and have even gotten this as a gift for a friend but if my recommendation doesn’t sell you maybe you should reconsider. After all Chuck Norris endorsed it and no one messes with CHUCK!

This book can be found on amazon here.


One Response to “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken Blog Tour Review”

  1. Jenn Rogers Says:

    See, I knew you should have gone with a Chuch Norris ornament!

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