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Wild Weekend December 14, 2008

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This past weekend was packed full like Santa’s bag on take off Christmas Eve night.

Most of the week for Jenny and I was preparation for our first annual staff Christmas party. Jenny rocked the hors’devours (like that word is spellable). I think the coconut macaroons were the big hit. It was fun having everyone play little bridge trivia. One question was how many series titles can you name in the bridge’s existence.

Saturday we took the streets for Serve the City. We hit some coin laundries and struck up conversations with people and offered to pay for their laundry. Pretty cool stories out of this and we had a few couples come to thebridge this morning because of it. I went to some grocery stores and prayed about who God might want me to offer and pay for. Awesome conversations with a couple of folks. One eventually led me to make contact with a friend of one of the people and this afternoon I took a single mom Christmas shopping for her three kids.

Sunday was really unique in that I wasn’t teaching this morning. This is really hard for me because I’m such a control freak. Thus it is very healthy for me as well. Cy is amazing. He has a way of bringing depth to everything he says without losing anyone. Even his tangent, which was well marked, stirred some heavy thoughts in my head. One of the advantages to me not speaking this morning was I was able to observe from a totally new angle. First off we have amazing volunteers. I know every pastor thinks theirs are the best and I’m sure they are for them but for us and who we have – you just can’t touch us. Our crew rocks! I also believe we have so much potential to improve which is fun to think about. God has so much more He wants to do through us.

I’m taking off into the sleet in a few minutes to head to Caisson. Looking forward to a time of prayer!


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