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Growth Groups Winter/Spring December 15, 2008

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Putting the final touches on our Winter/Spring Growth Groups. We are setting an even larger BHAG of participants. One of the crazy things we have chosen to do is to grab a hold of all new leaders. The reasons behind this are as follows.

  • Offer a time of rest for our leaders. Leading a group is one of the most rewarding experiences one can be a part of but it also can be spiritually draining. Our hope is to offer all of our leaders an opportunity to refill.
  • Offer our leaders a chance to be fed. Part of refilling is choosing into opportunities to be fed.
  • Offer an opportunity for others to lead. Last semester we had three Growth Group leaders who had never led a group before. This was awesome! However, if we never ask our leaders to take a break we will seriously limit the number of new leaders that can be raised up.
  • Double our leadership pool. As a young church that is growing it is important for us to put ourselves in a position to be able to handle future growth in a healthy way.
  • Allow for new voices and passion. Each leader has a bent towards certain topics. By opening up the door to new leaders we are able to choose into things we may not have naturally chosen into.

It is my hope that this summer all of our leaders from our fall semester are able to lead another group. I’m longing for them to be filled during this next season so they are in a position to pour out again. I can’t say if this is how we are going to always do things but I am encouraged about the prospect of what it looks like for the near future.


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