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Bed Time Snack December 16, 2008

Filed under: Family — martyschmidt @ 3:46 pm

Bed Time Snack for Toby has become a bit more than a snack. Taco Bell’s fourth meal slogan seems more fitting. I remember the days when he would ask for a piece of string cheese. Those days are long gone. Pictured below is last nights feast. He polished it off in a little over five minutes and was asleep about 10 minutes after that. The content of last nights request include 3 slices of Turkey, 1 Cut up Hot Dog, 3 Slices of Pepperoni, 1 Slice of Bread, and 1 Slice of Cheese. We also had a win on the big boy potty thus the added color of skittles was thrown in on top.



3 Responses to “Bed Time Snack”

  1. Jon Says:

    Great picture Marty. That boy cracks me up.

  2. Sara Statema Says:

    You know maybe he is secretly working on a new sandwich? 🙂

  3. Bryan Sissel Says:

    sounds like a growth spurt he’ll be outgrowing everything any day now

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