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Top 5 Children’s Books of 08 December 19, 2008

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Toby and Lydia love books. We read books before naps, during the day, and right before bed. The latest favorites for Toby are Library books and all books that have construction trucks in them. Lydia is a fan of books that have different textures. However, Daddy has his favorite books to read. Books that were very close to making the list include the very Hungry Caterpillar because I got to say, “BIG FAT CATERPILLAR!”, Millie Moo got bumped this week by Barnyard Dance but anytime you get to read about fish with fingers you are going to have a good read, and some books that didn’t make it this year but are well on their way for next year are the Bernstein Bear books. Right now Toby likes two of them. Too Much Junk Food and Get the Gimmes because they both have candy in them.

And now for my top five:


2 Responses to “Top 5 Children’s Books of 08”

  1. Jon Says:

    rough afternoon over here Marty, can you post something new every 15-30 minutes until 4:15?

  2. Kim Brenizer Says:

    Jake received “Skippyjonjones” in his stocking for Christmas and we laughed and laughed our way through it. Sometimes these children’s books tickle the parents more than the kids!

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