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Success! December 22, 2008

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I had no idea the Advent Calendar would be such a hit! Each morning when I mention the words Advent Calendar their is a squeal of excitement by both Toby and Lydia. The pattern has been so cemented in that Toby takes off running for Daddy’s office to grab Daddy’s Bible and Lydia runs to the book shelf and points to the Calendar. We all sit down by the Christmas Tree and we read a few verses, have a prayer, and then joyously open the little door of the day.

The repetition of this morning activity is something that I want to continue. I often wondered how one goes about creating family devotion time and now we just sort of stumbled into it. Jenny and I are now having conversations about what we transition to from the Advent Calendar. I’m open to any ideas you might have.


2 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Jenn Rogers Says:

    We do a short family devotional called “Mealtime Moments” during dinner. Your kids are probably a touch young for that particular book, but I’m sure there are good books for younger children out there. Also, at bedtime Grant reads Ainsley a Bible story from one of our many children’s Bibles and I read a devotion or a chapter from a Christain chapter book to Bennett. This seems to be a good period of the day for them to have individual time in spiritual conversation with one of us. Our kids, like I assume most others, are creatures of habit and desire routine, so they do not let us omit these activities easily. They do a better job of holding us accountable for giving this priority than we adults do. We’d be glad to loan you some books if you’d like!

  2. Jon K Says:

    We have found that Isaiah really responds well to the Book of Deuteronomy as a family devotional. Just a thought.

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