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Thoughts and Ramblings December 24, 2008

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The other day after a light snow there was a lady outside sweeping off the snow with a broom. Pretty funny when you consider across the street there is a guy all bundled up pushing his $1000 snow-blower.

Toby had his first #2 success on the big boy potty. Randomly I told him I would buy him a construction movie if he went.  The other offer on the table was a bag of skittles we had. Currently every success has been awarded 3-5 skittles but the rest of the bag was promised if we had a #2 show up in the toilet. Toby is currently working on 43 skittles. Could be a crazy day.

I went from high anxiety to high excitement over the Christmas Eve service. I really felt led to go for something more traditional but that isn’t exactly the easiest thing for me to do. We’ll see if it all comes together.

I”m also not so sure about teaching this late in the day. Having to pace myself in the coffee department has never been one of my strengths.

Gophers Basketball! I’m a believer until they prove me otherwise.

Settlers tournament on New Years Eve with some friends. Very pumped.

Jenny is joining me in reading a couple of books in preparation for our February series.

For those of you who attend thebridge but haven’t heard yet – there is no service on the 28th.

Lastly – we got an awesome service planned for tonight!


2 Responses to “Thoughts and Ramblings”

  1. Hey Marty! – Congrats on the son’s accomplishments. Strange what we celebrate when we become parents eh? But I remember all too well feeling the same way with my three.

    We will likely do a Christmas Eve service next year. We just got into the storefront so nothing this year but I do plan on having a service for them on the 28th.

    Have a blessed holiday with your family! Merry Christmas

  2. Bryan Sissel Says:

    I remember telling my then single and childless friends about those accomplishments and the horrified looks i would get in return. but congrats toby

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