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Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight Blog Tour Review December 29, 2008

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only-nuns-change-habits-overnightI don’t know if I have ever read a book that is pink before. Clearly this is a book with a women in mind and even with my six and a half years of marriage under my belt I was entering an unfamiliar domain. Author Karen Scalf Linamen, most known for her book Chocolatherapy, charts a course for helping her readers stir the right mix of change that will help your life be different then what it currently is.

Subtitled, 52 Amazing Ways to Master the Art of Personal Change, Linamen systematically moves you through each idea without you ever feeling like you are being moved through a list.  She does this by using personal stories and identifying general ideas for how people (specifically women) think.

I thought Linamen did a wonderful job in pulling together a variety of ideas that could help individuals implement change. Most of them were not original such as #34 Brainstorm new approaches but Linamen’s gift to us is that she pulled 52 of them together into one place for quick reference. Most enjoyable for me was reflecting on the question of what most inspires you which is #9. Rarely have I pondered such a question and further I have failed to realize how much of a catayst spending time doing what inspires me can be. Also helpful in gaining inspiration is #14 which is watch an inspiring movie. Of the ones suggested I haven’t seen two and plan on watching both in the near future. One final winning element of the book is the last section of each chapter entitled “The Art of Change” which is your typical personal or group study questions. However, unlike the typical studies of most books, Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight has great depth in each section as well as the advantage of what I believe to be high level content to discuss.

You can get Only Nuns Change Habits at


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