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Fresh Start or False Start January 3, 2009

Filed under: Leadership — martyschmidt @ 6:59 pm

Every year I believe many of us look to the glorious turn of the calendar where things supposedly will start all over. We target January 1 as this time when somehow over night new habits will form and old habits will vanish. We put hope into having a fresh start only to find ourselves staring blankly at the same realities soon after the clock strikes 12:01. Nothing profound happens and none of our problems vanish. We even will have a list of goals and a game plan in order so as to better our odds of achieving the different reality that we so desire but it doesn’t take long for all of this to be in vain. It’s another false start to another year and those things that we had so passionately identified to be different are the same.

Mark Batterson wrote about some of this last week in a post linked here. What an amazing mindset to grab a hold of. That God’s mercy on us is new every morning. Each day is an opportunity. Every moment has the potential to unleash us into more of who God has destined us to be. When we lay our head on our pillow at night we can rest easy knowing that tomorrow is rich and glorious with a fresh start!


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