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The Dock Report January 7, 2009

Filed under: thebridge — martyschmidt @ 10:17 pm

The Dock was off the hook tonight! The corner of N. Jefferson and Pennyslvania could have been the loudest corner in Ottumwa tonight. For the first time ever, we had live worship. Kellee, Ted, Nick, Johna, and the drummer who referred to himself as the HotT Drummer were awesome. For many of the students, this was their first time ever being a part of worship. Seriously, they got the most in your face introduction you could have. My man Brandon and his crew of leaders is seriously transforming an entire generation in our city. There were 50 kids at the Dock tonight. I am really excited about where things are going and starting Friday we will have a lot more time to put energy towards The Dock. One thing coming our way is that the space we currently meet in soon won’t be available. This isn’t a surprise to us though and honestly we were getting close to outgrowing it. Sweet things ahead – I’m jacked up!


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