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Long Time No Post January 13, 2009

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Alright it has been a little while since my last post so this one is a quick run down and update and I’ll be back on track with more regular posting starting tomorrow.

  • Officially hired Sara last week.
  • Enjoyed my time at best buy. Struck up a conversation with a Buddhist about money.
  • Sat through a Church Multiplication Meeting. Seriously annoyed. I try to keep my negative spins on things to myself because I find them unfruitful but just in case you were wondering if I ever don’t like something this meeting would be a something.
  • Showed up at thebridgeview center for Saturday night practice only to find that the space we thought we would have was not available. Our band just flexed their muscles and wrestled for it. We lost and practiced in another spot. Guess we could have used a bald Ted.
  • No Bat on Saturday night. (he was a day early and showed up on Friday)
  • Sunday morning we sported some new banners. Actually it was just IKEA fabric but it looked killer.
  • Bryan rose to the challenge and covered lights for us in Jeffrey’s absence. Way to go Brian!
  • Showed a video that will appear here tomorrow that got some strange responses. Some laughed some think I’m weird.
  • Started our moneyology series which was awesome. I am pumped about the next two weeks.
  • Worship was solid. The people were loud (maybe because there were so many of them. New High in Attendance)
  • Fusion Training was super motivating. Cy is an awesome teacher! We value the Fusion process so much that we are making it mandatory to become a member. Our first adjustment to that process. From the beginning we have said that bar will be moving.
  • Went to Illinois in the afternoon to visit Jenny’s grandparents. We had a great time minus my daughter to be getting a White Sox bib. At least she can puke on it!
  • Had to leave early on Monday and drive through the crazy windy snow.
  • Didn’t feel well at all last night – Went to bed early.
  • Toby and Lydia have been playing with this Marble Maze game that they got from my mom. It is awesome, just wish Lydia would quit putting the marbles in her mouth.
  • Potty Training is going very well!
  • Have a meeting with the Ottumwa School Advisory Committee tonight. I hope they have coffee this time.
  • Really – Really – Really close to buying a new phone!

I’m out


4 Responses to “Long Time No Post”

  1. Chris Says:

    Go with the blackberry!

  2. martyschmidt Says:

    I was listening to Jim Rome talk about this phone today and I was wondering what in the world he was talking aboiut. Thanks for the link. Right now I’m trying to figure out which provider to go with. Price is definetly going to be a factor. Right now US Cellular and Sprint are the lead candidates. If we want to choose Sprint I’ll have to wait until April.

  3. Tom sox Says:

    no pukin’ on the White Sox bib!

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