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How This Is Really About That January 17, 2009

Filed under: thebridge — martyschmidt @ 1:58 pm

At thebridge we have really narrowed the focus of the next two months down to two specific topics. Money and Sex. I wrestled hard over this decision for several reasons. Very few people want to hear the church talk about money and very few pastors want to talk about sex. Added to that is the thought that both topics have an isolation factor to them. If you show up on a Sunday and your context isn’t one where you are going to find these topics relevant you are very apt to tune out or not return. I think many would be interested in one talk on each of these but choosing to keep them as the topic for a total of seven weeks has the danger of dragging.

So why did we go this route? Well because it really isn’t about money and it really isn’t about sex. I believe both of these are iceberg topics. On the surface it appears to be about money or sex but really there is so much more to them or underneath them. I talk about money or possessions but really I’m talking about my hear or your heart. I am pressing into something that represents a larger idea of what matters most. What am I consumed by. I talk about sex and marriage and purity and forgiveness and intimacy and love and wholeness and him and her and Him and the church and soon it really isn’t about this it’s really about that.

As I continue to move forward in preparation I am feeling completely inadequate and unbelievable empowered to not cut corners but to speak the hard truths that are actually full of grace and love. To not shrink back from that awkward topic that lies in the dark but call it out and name it. To offer hope to those whose context seems to be one of hopelessness.

My goal in all of this is for each of us to see that Money and Sex is really about what do we believe about Christ.


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