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Top Ten Books Of 08 January 20, 2009

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Clearing out the books page made me realize that I had never posted my top ten reads of 08. So here goes.

10. Mega Shift – This book would not fly with many because of it’s radical telling of miracles and God on the move. However, I am all over these things and can’t wait to see more of them happen in Ottumwa. 

9. Pol Pot – I invested the most time into this book. I chose to read it so as to better understand the culture and history of those whom we are supporting in Cambodia.

8. The Blessed Life – I think I learned the most about my own beliefs on money from this book.

7. I Became A Christian… – Vince has to be one of the most weird people in the world. I think having heard him speak and following his blog actually tainted my rank of this book. Just the same it is a good read.

6. Wild Goose Chase – Much like Wide Awake this book is about identifying those things that hold us back from living the life God has for us. Identifiying the cage isn’t the issue for many though. It’s choosing to leave it.

5. Nehemiah by Boice – The best book on leadership that I read this year. I loved the nut and bolt approach of this book.

4. Wide Awake – This book became the back drop for a 4 week series turned 8. Chapter after chapter Erwin delivered a captivating and compelling reason to do something!

3. Made to Stick – I read this book while in Chicago and maybe the rush of the city and the amount of time spent at Dunkin Donuts played a role in this high ranking. Yet I find myself using the strategies presented in this book in almost every message I give.

2. Fusion – Nelson Searcy delivered a home run with this book. Churches across the country would do themselves well to implement the number of ideas and strategies presented in this book. It ranks number 2!

1. Colossians Remixed – This book resonated with me for several reasons. First, I have really felt like thebridge most closely resembles the church of Colossae. Second, the authors do an amazing job of contextualizing the text and making it relevant. Third, I couldn’t shake the similarities of the Roman Empire and America that were brought up. From symbols, to third world countries, to peace, and so forth.



Below is the complete list of books I read in 2008. If you would like a comment about any of the below feel free to ask. If you have read any of the following I would love to hear your thoughts.


Mega Shift by Rutz
Peppermint Filled Pinatas by Bryant
Augustus by Everitt
Sex, Sushi, and Salvation by George (my thoughts)
Colossians Remixed by Walsh & Keesmaat
Make it Stick by Hirsch
The Road Home by Tenney
Invitation to Solitute and Silance by Barton


Launch by Searcy
Fusion by Searcy
Nehemiah by Boice


Elements by Franquiz
In a Pit With a Lion by Batterson
The Gospel According to Starbucks by Sweet
Surprised By Hope by Wright
Chasing Daylight by McManus


24-7 Prayer Manual by Greig
Wealth or Mammon by Landers
Kingdom Come by Duncan
The Apostles’ Creed for Today by Gonzalez
Jesus for President by Clayborne
My Beautiful Idol by Gall
O Shepherd Where Art Thou? by Miller


Crazy Love by Chan (my thoughts)
I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt by Antonucci (my thoughts)
Activate by Searcy (my thoughts)
Spreading the Fire by Wagner (my thoughts)
Staying Power by Larson


Revolution by Edwards
Deadly Viper by Foster & Wilhite (my thoughts)
Pol Pot by Short (my thoughts)
Worship Matters by Kauflin
Beyond Your Backyard by Ellsworth


Becoming a Healthy Team by Macchia
Acts for Everyone part 1 by Wright
Watermark by Franquiz
Sacred Chaos by Rhodes
Jesus the Pastor by Frye (my thoughts)
Austenland by Hale


Church is a Team Sport by Putman (my thoughts)
Wide Awake by McManus (my thoughts)
Wild Goose Chase by Batterson (my thoughts)
axiom by Hybels
Seize the Fire by Nicoloson


Shepherding a Childs Heart by Tripp
It by Groschel
Fusion by Searcy (first book I’ve read twice in the same year)
Jesus wants to save Christians by Bell & Golden (my thoughts)
One Life Solution by Cloud


Be the Change by Hunter
Mom’s Needs Dad’s Needs by Harley
Fields of Gold by Stanley
Me, Myself, & I Am by Peters
Sticky Church by Osborne


Wide Awake by McManus (again)
Kid Ceo by Young
Essential Church by Rainer
I was broke now I’m not by Sangl
Money Matters in Church


The Pleasures of Loving God by Bickle
Prepare the Way by Stearns
Joshua Commentary by Boice (my thoughts)
How to Wow by Jones
Only Nuns Change Habbits Over Night by Linamen
Becoming A Contageous Church by Mittleberg
The Greatest Words Ever Spoken by Scott
Christ in You by Carter
The Blessed Life
Free Prize Inside by Godin


2 Responses to “Top Ten Books Of 08”

  1. Thanks for the suggestions Marty. I have a few of these in my shelf I haven’t read yet. Others I need to pick up.

  2. Darin Says:

    I read Wild Goose Chase after hearing you talk about it at Third. Good stuff. I’m looking forward to reading Batterson’s other book, “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day.” I also read Wide Awake. McManus has great vision.

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