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Growth Groups February 2, 2009

Filed under: thebridge — martyschmidt @ 1:23 pm


You are freaking me out in a good way. Sign ups have been out of this world and we need to find a new location for one of our groups because you won’t fit! Add to that the dock is launching groups and they just landed two more leaders on Sunday.

If you haven’t signed up for a group yet here are your options. e-mail the growth group number of your choice to to get signed up.

GG1 Divorce Care – Sunday pm (child care provided)
GG2 12 Weeks in Prison – Wed early am
GG3 Walk Across the Room – Mon pm (in osky)
GG4 Nooma – Thu pm
GG5 Touch of South – Wed pm
GG6 In a Pit – Wed pm
GG7 Pondering Prayer – Fri pm
GG8 Debt Free – Wed pm


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