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Sunday Dump Time February 2, 2009

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Grandma and Grandpa had Toby Saturday night which was awesome and a bummer. I miss checking in on that guy.

Morning set up team rocked it!

The service started with this video. It was a great follow up to our last series and our Debt Free Event by Joe Sangl. Which if you haven’t done your February budget get on it! Click tools on Joe’s page.

The worship this morning was crazy good! Love the blend of Jesus Messiah with Michael W. Smith. Seriously, some of you are laughing but it was awesome worship.

There were a ton of people this morning! Really fun to see some friends who were visiting from out of town. They all said they heard the topic and had to check it out.

Talking about sex is really awkward but I started to get ok with it. Jenny said I kept referring it to as the subject matter. That’s pretty funny. Won’t be able to do that next week.

Forgot to print my notes off and had to hook up my lap top on stage. Not the easiest way to teach for me. I’m sure I could get use to it and it could have been worse.

My favorite comment after the morning came from a women who is ?how do we say this? older then my parents say to me, “I saw the ad in the paper and I told myself I won’t be going to that church but then I chose to come anyways and well – I’ll see you next week.”

Another comment I enjoyed was when someone said it was sort of like the show LOST. You kind of got some stuff but you know more is coming and so you have to come back next week because your curiosity is so peeked.

Got invited to Applebees by some friends. Hated turning it down. Small kids shouldn’t be an excuse but sometimes that is the reality.

Read a book today for a blog tour. “I do again”

We have amazing people at thebridge. They through a Super Bowl party and it rocked. Crazy turnout for the party with something like 30 junior high and high schoolers there. Brandon Rocks!!!

Toby played hungry hungry hippo for the first time. I’m working the budget tonight to figure out a way to visit Target tomorrow. The best part was the table he was playing on was slanted and all the balls naturally rolled towards his hippo allowing him to win every time. He was laughing so hard.

Love Wii bowling.

I very much enjoyed the game and can’t wait for next years when the Bengals win it all.

Check back monday afternoon. Halarious video of Lydia to be posted and one of Toby playing the drums!


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