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FMBL TOMORROW! February 5, 2009

Filed under: Family — martyschmidt @ 5:02 pm

I am pumped about Friday Morning Basketball League tomorrow morning. It means I have to get up at 4:40am but I’m ok with that once a month. I really need to find a basketball outlet in Ottumwa.


4 Responses to “FMBL TOMORROW!”

  1. Bryan Sissel Says:

    there might be some sort of mens league at the ymca

  2. Thanks for showing up! Didn’t know you were so pumped about it, but glad you were there.

  3. GFish Says:

    We were pumped to have you there. The extra energy from your caffeine-induced drive time really helped this morning.

    That and the behind the back spin-move layups, which are pretty awesome.

  4. martyschmidt Says:

    Totally worth it this morning. Three pointers by the opposition killed us today! I’m going to try and work this in the schedule more often.

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