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The Love as a Way of Life Blog Tour Review February 13, 2009

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love-as-a-way-of-lifeGary Champan teamed up with Elisa Stanford in the writing of a 90 day devotional book entitled “The Love As A Way Of Life.” The book is broken up into topical categories such as Kindness, Forgiveness, and Generosity. Each day is a short page read with an opening scripture verse. The closing statement changes daily from a prayer, thought, or action step.

The first few days Jenny and I read the book together in the evening. We found ourselves having deeper dialogue then normal around some of the closing thoughts presented. This was energy for us. It was something that would bounce its way back into our conversations later in the day. I like the snipet approach that allowed me to grab a hold of a thought quickly. I eventually got into the rhythm of reading a day each time I entered my room.

What I enjoyed most about this Devotional was the small stories that pertained to history. Snipets on Ghandi, Jefferson, and Livingstone. Add to those the personal stories and ones heart is warmed or challenged in moments. I wish my words were just as potent.

You can purchase a copy of this devotional on amazon – here.


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