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Ramblings February 14, 2009

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Took my lovely lady out and got her a valentines day present. A new cell phone. The thought being I could get myself one as well. Didn’t happen. She’s rocking a new LG UX260 and I’m waiting one more month in hopes for a new touch screen phone with full key pad. We’ll see. When this phone purchase does take place I’ll be up on Twitter. My WiBo friends Steve and Ben can’t wait.

Watch the Gophers play. It made me a little sick. My toes curled. I am seriously not sure what I care about more. The Gophers winning or the Hawkeyes losing.

Tomorrow morning could be crazy. I have numerous thoughts in my head but nothing solid. It has been months since I’ve been this void of direction this close to a message. I’ve learned though that God provides and my job is to trust Him.

I think the newest Schmidt Baby is coming February.

Worked at the soup kitchen last night. Crazy what happens at that place. After serving 41 meals, I had to help a guy get a sweatshirt and a coat. He was let out of jail at 3:30pm and he lives in Iowa City. The snow came so quick he had no where to go and no place to stay. Tough watching that entire reality unfold.

We had BatMan come to our house this week (at least that is what we call him). It took him a whole 10 minutes to find an entry point. The dead one in the whole was his first clue.

We did our taxes on Thursday. We have ours done in Pella and sort of made a day of it with a doctors appointment and some meetings. Upon landing in Pella we realized we forgot our tax info. Thanks to a friend we only had to drive half the distance back.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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