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Sunday Thoughts February 16, 2009

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Yesterday was awesome. Some quick bullets on the day.

  • People at thebridge love their coffee!
  • Highest attendance ever!
  • We had 31 Kids in Kids Kove alone. March 1 we will have to try something different.
  • The Gun Show was back at the Bridge View Center. I loved walking into the BVC holding a crockpot next to a guy holding a gun. You know how those conversations go. I say, “Nice Gun” he says, “Nice Crockpot.”
  • Worship was killer. Love how the band makes things work every week with a unique stage. This week they had to put themselves in the middle of the set for “One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest”
  • At one point I got confused how to get on stage and ended up in a lab room and tried climbing out the window at which point I tripped and almost knocked over a guitar amp. Nice.
  • Tried to cram way to much into the message.
  • PB&J was some good humor.
  • Q & A – was awesome. Sexy Sundays Q & A – I didn’t even see it coming.
  • LOVED having my Love on stage with me. This is not her thing but you would never know it. Makes you wonder if it might not be her thing.
  • Tough questions, good questions, and crazy questions. I’m going to try and respond to them later this week.
  • Favorite part about yesterday was the closing blessing. Felt really annointed.
  • Clean up/Tear down – is short some peeps.

3 Responses to “Sunday Thoughts”

  1. Jacki Graham Says:

    Barry and I would gladly help out here if someone would keep an eye on the wee man 🙂

  2. Josh Hall Says:

    It was amazing seeing Jenny up there with you on Sunday!! The love you have for her was very encouraging. I couldn’t agree more that my wife is also my pastor…I look to her for advise and encouragement all the time!

  3. Bryan Sissel Says:

    i’ll beback next sun i’ll pick up the slack on tear down

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