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Growth Groups Recap February 18, 2009

Filed under: thebridge — martyschmidt @ 10:46 pm

My morning started with 12 other guys at 6:30am talking Ephesians. This group is awesome and it is all MEN! Great way to start the day. We really need one of these for women!

This evening set up a computer for the Dock and got to watch 9 people launch into a Broke No More Growth Group. The report back is that this group is contemplating going past the six weeks. Must have gone well. Totally awesome being able to offer child care for this one!

Got to my In A Pit Growth Group at 6:59. This group is dynamic. Awesome conversations, huge vulnerability, and very encouraging. Our time together flew by.

Other reports back have been very encouraging. Walk Across the Room split into two tables at Smokey Row, The Touch of the South goes way past the hourish time frame, Nooma will be rocking tomorrow night.

Pondering Prayer launches Friday at 7:00 and Divorce Care starts Sunday at 7:00. We just put an add in the Ottumwa Courier for this one for the next three days.

I believe Growth Groups are vital to connecting with God and others. If you want in – it’s not too late!


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