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Quick Notes On The Day February 20, 2009

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Twitter comments would have been.

6:45am – Cy just came to pick up the keys. That dude rocks! Give him favor God.

8:24am – I’m looking good. Just got my haircut.

8:56am – Staff meeting about to start. I’m pumped. We’ll be watching Mark Batterson’s talk from WiBo Conference.

11:40am – Staff meeting was CRAZY! We kicked out dreams for thebridge that we won’t share because they would FREAK YOU OUT!

1:35pm – We are going to do an ANIMOTO video this week. Love it. You can view the video here. Didn’t turn out quite right but I’m learning.


3:45pm – Sexy Sundays Q & A posted.

4:30pm – Women called needing help getting some clothes for an interview.

4:45pm – Guy walked into the soup kitchen needing a black pair of pants for a job he just got.

4:47pm – Teenager needs some help with community service projects.

5:03pm – 8 students under the age 17 ate at the Soup Kitchen Tonight.

5:30pm – Headed to some friends for Pizza with Toby and Lydia while Jenny goes to her Growth Group.


3 Responses to “Quick Notes On The Day”

  1. Jacki G Says:

    I probably should know this, but where’s the soup kitchen at? And where do I sign up to help? We have lots of nice things we could donate if there is a need for them.

  2. Jen Says:

    hey, what size of clothing does the interviewer need? just checking if it’s not too late.

  3. martyschmidt Says:

    Jacki – The soup kitchen is 325 E. Main. Just across the river from the Bridge View Center.

    Jen – I got a hold of someone today who is taking the lady shopping! We have the best people at thebridge!

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