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SUNDAY February 24, 2009

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Sunday was one of those days that will stay with me forever. The quick recap is as follows.

  • Woke up early and went to McDonalds and enjoyed my Sausage Egge Cheese Bagal and Coffee
  • Forgot my message notes at home (Jenny bailed me out and went home and got them just in time
  • BridgeKidz is packed – hoping to recruit a few more adult volunteers in the next two weeks
  • Second highest attendance to date
  • Talked about the Ketubah Chuppa
  • Response time was unbelievable! Worship team played for an hour straight – Jenny and I prayed for our last couple 45 minutes after the service had ended
  • Couldn’t find the place we went Bowling at
  • Found Champion Bowl and put up a score of 130. I’m hoping to get that average up to 160 by the summer
  • Took a 20 minute power nap
  • Went to Third Church and listened to the High School worship band. They rock
  • Went to Sully Iowa (couldn’t find it) and spoke at B.I.G which is 8 different youth groups that meet together once a month. Totally awesome
  • Got done speaking at 8:35pm
  • Drove back to Pella to speak at Central College.
  • Crazy awesome time at the Calm. Spoke for over an hour. I was so fired up!
  • Got home at midnight and was so pumped it took me close to an hour to fall asleep

One Response to “SUNDAY”

  1. Tammie L Anderesn Says:

    It occurred to me Sunday that the last service I was in that incorporated the prayer shawl was another service where God’s presence was so near! Not that the power was in a piece of material.
    Sunday we almost didn’t make it. Arrived at the end of the last song! Hate that, love worship time. As soon as you started talking about the Old Testament and the wedding language I was touched. I love the study of Hebrew culture and how it gives deeper meaning to our faith. The best part was the timing for Michael and Aaryn, married only two weeks, Feb 14th. I was hoping they would go forward and they did. What a beautiful opportunity for them in different ways. Especially since Michael was leaving Tues for the Air Force and they won’t see each other for two months.
    God is so loving and that was a blessed moment! Tammie Andersen God bless!

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