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Sunday Recap March 1, 2009

Filed under: thebridge — martyschmidt @ 10:26 pm

It just doesn’t stop! Another awesome Sunday.

  • I didn’t teach this morning and I had no idea what to do with myself.
  • Larry, Karen, Bryan, Sara, Chris, and Thomas rocked set up this morning.
  • Band sounded awesome this morning. Loved having a new vocalist. The only negative I heard this morning about the band was from my son Toby who was disappointed that he missed practice. Fortunately Kerry brought him over to the drums and totally redeemed the morning!
  • I love BRANDON. He rocks at what he does and he has an awesome helpmate.
  • Cy taught this morning on Job 1 – AWESOME. I love his style and he’s got brilliant insight. This series is really going to impact a lot of people.
  • Tear down was smooth.
  • Three more people signed up to be baptized!
  • Had lunch at some friends after the service. Our friend Sarah watch Toby and Lydia which was cool. Killer meal and kicking dessert.
  • I was really lazy this afternoon.
  • I did childcare this evening for Divorce Care. Played some games – I lost every time. Shoots and Ladders, Hi Ho Cherry Tree, and Candyland. I did win memory. Take that 2nd Graders!
  • Off to make popcorn and watch a double feature of West Wing.
  • Side note – I’m thinking we’ll have some news really soon 🙂

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