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Stickers and Strategies March 3, 2009

Filed under: Leadership — martyschmidt @ 12:12 pm

I was watching Toby and Lydia unload stickers on to pieces of paper this morning. They both had their own style of how they would place them.

Toby’s approach was stack them. If placing one in a certain spot was good then placing two, three, four, or fifteen in that same place must be better. Lydia’s approach was how to we space them out so none of them are touching. Not only did she not want the stickers to touch but she also didn’t want the stickers to touch any of the lines on the page she was placing them.

There seems to be some leadership strategies developing in this. The stacker mindset is lets find out what we do well and pour all our resources time and energy into that. The spread it out mindset is the one that is looking for new opportunities. They are asking the question, What else could we be doing? It’s not that they want to keep doing things but rather they are assessing the needs and meeting them.

I also wonder if there isn’t management styles being developed here. The stacker potentially hoards resources and misses opportunities to see new adventures while the one who spreads out the resources potentially fails in ever fully developing anything because they are doing so many things.


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