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TV shows I enjoy watching March 3, 2009

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 10:42 pm

Our family doesn’t watch much tv. Well let me take that back. In the morning Little Einstein and Caillou are always on. However, here are five shows in no order that I do enjoy watching.

NFL football – Not sure if this qualifies for a show but I very much enjoy fantasy football.

Nightly News (world news) – I use to be a straight up NBC guy but I have shifted as of late and am watching more ABC.

The Office – Steve Carrell – nuf said

CHUCK – I can’t explain it but the show makes me laugh and also has some good romance drama. It reminds me of Ed.

West Wing – I’m a freak. I love this show and am working through all of it a second time.


4 Responses to “TV shows I enjoy watching”

  1. Kellee Says:

    The Office is hilarious but for me it seems to have taken some steps backward – more dirty and less funny. However, I haven’t been watching it regularly either. My new vice is 30 Rock. Makes me laugh lots.

  2. martyschmidt Says:

    To further show that I don’t watch much tv – I have seen two episodes of the office this year and both of those were watched online. I still think the characters are well thought out.

  3. Jenn Rogers Says:

    Ed was a really good show. I miss Phil Stubbs.

  4. Kelly Coulter Says:

    Tom loves the West Wing too, I always enjoyed watching it with him, loved the characters. We too are on watching round 2 on tvo.

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