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Recent Reading Thoughts March 5, 2009

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Plowed through some books this week. This was a blast for me. I forget how much I enjoy reading. You can check out what I have been reading on the books page.

There are a lot of thoughts that were developed or learned in the past few days below are a few of them.

No More Crumbs

  • I was shocked at how frequent the story of the prodigal is in the old testament.
  • God talks about feasting often and I often don’t choose into it.


  • Right leader – Right leader – Right leader
  • You will never be ready at some point you have to pull the trigger
  • The vision is not for sale

The Prodigal God

  • God lives the extravagant life of giving
  • The elder son was the audience of the parable
  • Both sons were lost

Leading on Empty

  • What is the 5% of my life that only I can do
  • What fills me up and what drains my tank
  • What would it look like to have one day a month to examine myself
  • What I really found out is that I was empty prior to this week and I’m just now fueling back up

Mad Church Disease

  • We must monitor our Physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual life
  • Lack of control, trying to be the best, and old school church politics are just a few of the external risks that are out there that can drain us and disappoint us.

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