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Blythe Elizabeth was welcomed by us with great cheer this afternoon.

She was born at 3:44pm
Weighted 7 lb 1 oz
Measured at 19 3/4 inches

Baby Blythe is doing awesome!

Mommy is quite tired.

Toby and Lydia seemed pretty excited during their first visit and chance to hold their little sister.

Thanks for all the prayers. Visitors are welcome to stop by tomorrow (Saturday)

Pictures will be coming soon.


9 Responses to “BLYTHE ELIZABETH”

  1. Eidahl Family Says:

    CONGRATS! We are so thankful she arrived safely and all are doing well. (Love the name!)

  2. Jenn Rogers Says:

    Finally! Welcome, Baby Blythe! Awesome name.

  3. James & Geneva Says:

    congratulation, glad to all went well, great name !!!, by the way todays James’ B.D.

  4. Bryan Sissel Says:

    congratulations everyone

  5. Congratulations, y’all! What great news!

  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Yay! I’m so glad she’s here and all are happy and healthy. I wish I was closer so I could stop by today! Give hugs to everyone 🙂

  7. Glad to hear the news. Congrats on Blythe! Have fun hanging out with your new little girl.

  8. Kerry Plowman Says:

    She is precious – congratulations!

  9. laura from michigan Says:

    YES!!!! wish i was there!

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