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Strings Attached March 10, 2009

Filed under: Leadership — martyschmidt @ 2:12 pm

I received a phone call the other night from someone who is “helping” with the Upper Room homeless shelter. Their “help” comes with so many strings attached to it though that it is anything but helpful. I understand they have skills to move the project forward and they did some private fund-raising but when they are working on their own time line and not ours, when they are doing a project they want to do and not what we need them to do, and when they demand different things so that they can “help” us and then express frustration with us for not being able to do what they requested I get a little confused.

It reminds me of the time a guy came by on the weekend of the sleepout. We had just got done spending the night outside in freezing cold conditions and returning a couple things to the center. I’m locking the door and a guy pulls up saying he has a friend who has a TV he wants to donate and was wondering if we will be here in an hour. I told him we wouldn’t be here in an hour. This greatly upset the man. I politely told him we would be open again on Monday. He said that today was the only day it would work. After telling him that wouldn’t work for us he went on a verbal tirade about all sorts of none sense.

These two stories got me to thinking about how I often have strings attached with my relationship with God. I toss out these ideas in my head about what I’ll do with an assumption that God should do something to compensate the action. At other times I won’t act until God does something. This is something I need to repent of. God is clear in what he desires and expects from us. It isn’t up for negotiation. It is what it is. I wonder how many of us are hanging ourselves by the strings we attaching to living for God.


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