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Blog Thoughts That Have Been Tabled March 19, 2009

Filed under: Random — martyschmidt @ 12:07 pm

I have had numerous thoughts that I have wanted to put up the blog but time has limited my ability to do so. I’ll share some of the nuggets here briefly.

  • Giving up turning the computer on prior to 10:00am for lent has been amazing. I intend to keep this up past lent as it has allowed me to engage my quiet times at a far deeper level.
  • I have 8 books on my “I REALLY WANT TO READ THIS NOW” list and it will take some serious discipline to do so.
  • We recently purchased blinds for our living room and my office. UNBELIEVABLE! Not only are we no longer in a fish bowl at night but I have since rearranged my office and find myself far more productive.
  • Toby continues to be a quote book. He gets a kick out of mixing words up and then laughing.
  • Toby filled out a NCAA bracket. His final four is made up of UConn beating Siena and UCLA beating North Carolina. With 5 of the 15 and 16 seeds winning in the first round and 3 number 6 seeds in the final eight I got some good laughs.
  • I have the Gophers winning it all.
  • Did anyone see the guy dunk the basketball and do a flip? I feel like that happens to me with God sometimes. Take thebridge for instance. I’m amazed at what is happening – its a break away dunk which was some what expected but he keeps adding these bonus surprises which is sort of like the unexpected flip. I don’t get hurt, I laugh, and a lot of people are saying things like, “that was crazy!”

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