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Joshua Boundaries March 23, 2009

Filed under: Leadership — martyschmidt @ 1:46 pm

I am working my way through Joshua and loving it. Today most of the reading I did had to do with the boundaries of the land. There were three thoughts that jumped out at me.

1. Boundaries help us live out who we are to be

The first is that with each boundary that was established there was greater definition given to each tribe. They knew what was theirs. They knew their domain. I wonder if many of us need greater clarity on what is ours. What is of most importance. What is our main things. What is my 5% as Wayne Cordeiro would say. Out of that we can structure in boundaries. Some of us have created boundaries in our life that have limited our domain while others of us have created boundaries that infringe on others.

2. Boundaries may create conflict

Which leads me to observation number two. Sometimes our boundaries will create conflicts. There are those who wish we would do something that we have decided not to do. This can hurt feelings, lead to disappointment, and sometimes relational friction.

3. Boundaries demand radical life change

The third thing I noticed then is that sometimes Israeldidn’t completely eliminate land from those who formerly dwelled there. This later created a lot of conflict. Sometimes our boundaries are hijacked by past behaviors. For instance the person who always says yes. Sets some boundaries but eventually finds themselves saying yes again.

I love how even in three random chapters of Joshua God is able to pack tons of insight.


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