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Big Hugs For My Mom March 25, 2009

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My mom has stayed with us the past few days to help us ease into the transition of three under three. Much like my sister in law and Jenny’s mom who stayed with us before, she has tackled laundry, playing with the kids, done dishes, cleaned the house, made meals, and been available for whatever. I have no idea where we would be without each of them loving on us like they have.

Some of the things that I have reflected on with my mom here is how quickly Toby, Lydia, and Blythe will grow up. It is interesting to think about how it might be for you parents to observe you as a parent. In fact my mom and I talked about it for a little while and it was crazy fun to hear her thoughts on it all. You think about how your kids will remember you.

All of these ponderings have led me to want to give my mom a big hug!



One Response to “Big Hugs For My Mom”

  1. Lorraine Says:

    I really like that pic of you & your Mom – pretty sweet!

    It’s kind of sad how sometimes we have to see things changing in our own lives before we recognize the true value of our parents. Regardless, they love it when we do because we seem to find ways to love on them even better.

    Congrats to you, Jenny, Toby, & Lydia on the addition of Blythe! What a blessing to have loving family come support you during these first few weeks!

    ~ Lorraine

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