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Clutter Free Christianity Review March 28, 2009

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clutter-free-christianityThe subtitle What God Really Desires for You jumped out at me. I mean wouldn’t it be awesome if we could nail down that answer. Don’t we all want to get it right but wonder in the back of our minds if we are getting it right from time to time?


So this is what I found/learned/enjoyed/pondered:

  • Clutter Free is a quick read that has everything to do with the heart
  • What God desires is your heart! You can play by all the rules but miss the boat completely by not giving God your heart
  • Within you lies potential
  • Many of us adhere to belief without obedience
  • Living like Christ is desirable but we believe it is out of our reach
  • Our heart represents us
  • Grace and effort our allies
  • Everyone says forgiveness is a good idea until they have someone to forgive – cs lewis quote
  • Trusting God provides freedom in our lives
  • Being at peace with the circumstances of our life is the only way to be at peace with others

I really resonated with the idea of a forgiving heart, obeying heart, trusting heart, and serving heart. Prior to reading this book I believed what God really desired of us was our heart and reading this book brought even greater clarity to that.

If you would like to get this book it is available at random house here.


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