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Family Stuff April 2, 2009

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Things continue to be hilarious in our home. Here is a picture recap.


Lydia thought she would try on some of Toby’s Elmo underwear. We wouldn’t get them off her.



Bath times have turned into a splash fest and crazy hair time.


Toby and Lydia have found a new favorite spot to enjoy cookies.


While I was working Toby brought me this piece of paper and he told me he wrote his name. Jenny and I didn’t even know he could do this. He then told us he didn’t know how to do the letter B. Not bad buddy!


Not to be outdone Lydia continues to work on her coloring skills.


Many of you have asked how Blythe is – UM? – AWESOME!

Toby and Lydia love her!

Side note – Tried to get Toby into a pre-school for next year but he misses it by 6 days. He does qualify for a 3 yr old program but they are full. We signed him up for the next year (fall of 2010) we then realized that Lydia would also be 3 so we attempted to sign her up for the 3 yr old program for fall of 2010. Turns out she is 19th on the waiting list.


4 Responses to “Family Stuff”

  1. Kimberlie Hall Says:

    Not that I’m trying to sell my school but Fremont offers both 3 and 4 year old preschool. You may try enrolling Toby there if you don’t mind the drive. I don’t know a ton about them since I teach middle school students but I have heard it’s really good.

  2. Lorraine Davis Says:

    I love the pictures & the happenings at your home these days! I think my fave part of the video is when Jenny says “let’s not use teeth for our kisses” lol!

  3. Corey Says:

    I am assuming you tried First Presbyterian Preschool- I tried getting my kids- always full, so both Rivers and Jocelyn attended Trinity Lutheran Preschool which is by Wildwood park on Shaul Avenue. We have had great experiences here and I can be pretty picky since I am an early childhood educator myself. They have “Jesus Time” everyday. If you are looking for a place that does incorporate bible stories and such this is a good place. A parent told me she wished First Presbyterian did more of this, she says they only pray before snack- how true this is, I do not know- but just thought I would let you know of other choices.

  4. Kelly Coulter Says:

    I don’ t know if you have talked with Maria O’dell, she’s a great preschool teacher as Blake has had her for two years. They have the 3 & 4 yr old program that both my boys have went thru and we have been impressed, they both came a long way from starting out. Now we go to kindergarten in the fall…..

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