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Top Reads First Quarter April 2, 2009

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We are a quarter of the way through 2009 and these are my best reads thus far.

1. Leading on Empty – This is the third book I have read by Wayne Cordeiro and to be honest the first two didn’t really resonate with me and I wasn’t all that excited to read it. However, it turns out that it was the perfect read at the perfect time for me. Not only did it allow me to see certain things in my life that were setting me up for burnout but it also offered some valuable tools that will hopefully protect me from getting empty so fast. I have since adopted many new things which include a new calendar system, bible reading plan, journal time, and monthly retreat day.

2. The Prodigal God – Not only was this book insightful but it also served as the cataylst for landing our May series which is entitled, “Pop up Parable.”

3. The War of Art – A very unusual book written by the same guy who wrote “The Legends of Baggar Vance.” Most of this book dealt with “resistance” and what it is and why it exists and how we can move through it and live out who we are created to be.

4. Sheet Music – Yep!

5. Praying in Color – A simple book with a simple approach to prayer. Simple can be very powerful and that is what praying in color has been for me.

The just missed – The Furious Longing, Tribes, and Sex God (would have been number one but this is the third time I’ve read it)


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